Oh How Much I Missed This Story *Sobs* - Mary :(((


Chris and Art Mobb’s artist Mike Farhat collaborate  to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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Chris and Art Mobb’s artist Mike Farhat collaborating on a painting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


“This cave gave birth to a magnificent mural by Chris and an acrylic stencil replica by Mike” - Alain Gayot


Source: alaingayot



chris looks AMAZANGG right now, uhh.


Breezy Art

Guessssssss who is back?????????

WE ARE (: I know its wayyyyyyyy past the holidays but we’re back now. Hopefully we can get you guys reinterested in reading this fanfic.

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Welcome2califf is really good, and so is loversnfriendsff (:



To whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be filled with love and happiness.

-Love Tee & Mary

P.S we’ll continue this fanfic after the holidays (: xoxo

admirehermind asked:
awwww I love this one!!! I gave some of my realest commentary on this :(

I know and I thank you for that! But don’t get sad you will still receive chapters and it will just be ending sooner.


Ok so no need to beat around the bush but…

WE just ain’t feeling this fanfic no more for a couple of reasons…

But even though we ain’t really feeling it were gonna finish it for you guys. It going to be a short story though and will end at Chapter 45. We also have another fanfic that we’ve been working on, so as soon as this story comes close to an end we’ll start that one.

Once again I want to thank you guys for sticking with us and reading we appreciate every single reader and the next Chapter should be up soon. 

Love You Guys. Muah :-* 

                        - Mary & Tee 

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Moving2fastfanfic << is really good. You should definitely check it out.

Mmkay i will. Thanks :)

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Justafriendfanfic, lovegonephyscoff, restrictedfanfiction, singforyouff, chrisbrownasiamfanfic

Thank you :)

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mindgamesff got deleted :(

K. Thank you.

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you're welcome!